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    Beijing Sabote Petrochemicals Co.,Ltd.
    Mobile: +86-19931686207 / +86-17073387223
    Zip: 10000
    E-mail: Candy@sbtchemical.com
    skype: wsdxxf / Cindy 13145201
    Yongle Economic Development Zone Heng Ye 1th Street,No.903 Tongzhou District in Beijing

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        Beijing Sabote Petrochemicals Co.,Ltd. Formerly known as yuanguo plastic factory of wen'an county, our factory from the date of the establishment has been twenty years of history, we growing at the same time, efforts to develop new production, has formed three types of benign variety of business models, whithin plastic , metal,  raw chemical materials are the most representative, In the development of domestic users at the same time focus on the establishment of Beijing Sabote Petrochemicals Co.,Ltd. development of foreign users, after several years of the business has with Africa, Europe, Japan, Indonesia established a stable sup...

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